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  1. stardustcrumb:

    You can see the difference in how these characters were brought up clearly from the younger years. Harry if you remember has to be prompted to tell his name, most likely because the Dursley’s hated to acknowledge he is important. Ron, as an afterthought tells his name as though he always gets a head of himself and must be reminded all the time to tell others who he is. While Hermione recites her name as though she has walked up to so many kids trying to make friends, because her parents told her the easiest way to make friends is to introduce yourself. And finally Draco leads with his family name because it shows his pure blood status and sets him above the rest; it is what makes him important and special, and his last name is the only thing that matters. Yet in the end war does not care what your name is, it hurts without discrimination, and that is what the second gifs display all to well.

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  2. niallj:

    i probably still have a crush on danny phantom somewhere deep in my soul

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  4. sandalsnsocks:


    It is the children the world almost breaks who grow up to save it.

    This broke me 

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  6. ophelies:

    harry potter + the major arcana // insp.
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  8. allisonagernt:

    It is important to fight and fight again, and keep fighting, for only then can evil be kept at bay though never quite eradicated.

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  10. jaifkncourtney:

    Get To Know Me Meme: [5/5] Favorite Female Characters 
    — Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace (Battlestar Galactica)
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  12. cheredyles:

    Look at this!!! LOOK AT THIS! Spread this shit like wildfire! Safe Trek!

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  14. shadowstep-of-bast:

    imagine a muggleborn in hogwarts starts singing Bohemian Rhapsody under their breath and then another muggleborn notices and starts singing along

    and then suddenly all the muggleborns in the area are belting out the lyrics and head banging and every single pureblood is left utterly confused

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  16. kenobi-wan-obi:


    you should check out #AcademicAbleism on twitter, if you haven’t already. 

    that dyslexia 1 hit me hard.

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  20. shadesfire:

got bored and decided I needed one of my favorite Welcome to Night Vale tweets as a cross stitch


    got bored and decided I needed one of my favorite Welcome to Night Vale tweets as a cross stitch

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  22. dacadaca:

Day Nine: Your favorite Exile
yeah the mayor rules 


    Day Nine: Your favorite Exile

    yeah the mayor rules 

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  24. bookjunkie26:


    i’m sick of these YA novels where the protagonist is ~the chosen one~


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  28. lolitaspice:

You want a hot bodyYou want a bugattiYou want a maserattiYou better work bitch


    You want a hot body
    You want a bugatti
    You want a maseratti
    You better work bitch

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