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  1. Okie dokie! 

    I need your help! 

    I have a fancy dinner party to go to on friday and I am rather torn on what to wear.

    Some of me wants to look dapper as fuck, some of me wants to look all fem and pretty. But aah I’m bad at deciding on things.

    I want to know what you guys think.

    Which outfits do you like?

  2. 26 Notes
    1. potterhead116 reblogged this from potterhead and added:
      I’d say you should with number 5 (the space dress) I think it looks really nice and it’s also kind of formal :) But they...
    2. miladyeve answered: Skirt and blouse. Combines dapper with fem and pretty! Very nice.
    3. otherkings reblogged this from questbedhead and added:
      ooooh i like that pretty white dress *___*
    4. hellbentmagicalgirl reblogged this from questbedhead and added:
      ^i agree completely on both options with questbedhead
    5. questbedhead reblogged this from potterhead and added:
      well i guess it sorta depends who your having dinner with? personally i’d go with the red and black stripey one or the...
    6. bird-ghosts answered: that galaxy dress is fab!
    7. xwordh8er reblogged this from doctorjediwizard and added:
      I like the blue/green floaty number. Looks good with your fab mane o’ hair.
    8. doctorjediwizard reblogged this from potterhead and added:
      ALL OF THEMjk My vote is on the grey-beige looking dress Looks very flattering on you :D
    9. hirotohk answered: dapper look w/ bowtie , green dress or black dress!
    10. potterhead reblogged this from potterhead and added:
      Reblogging because please?
    11. whedonite-and-more reblogged this from potterhead
    12. toliveagainnow answered: I like dapper the best, and the green dress
    13. unoriginainame said: I like 1, 3, and 6
    14. scottishwookiee said: mix the first look with one of the others FOR SCIENCE (lol I know precisely dick about fashion don’t listen to me)
    15. whatapleasantdream answered: Number one.
    16. thesugarray answered: The white-ish-blue
    17. killsandthrills said: Well I like the red and black striped dress -shrugs-